“Woman is an incarnation of Shakti – the goddess of power.
She is your Feminine source. Big Mama. The Great Mystery. The web-weaver. A Lioness. A healer.”

The beauty of a woman in her birthing vulnerability, whatever that journey involves, is so very precious to behold.

I have experienced two births. After them, I felt elated. My first child was born by emergency C section. Thankfully it ended really well. She is pure love and joy.

But only after my second birth which was a successful VBAC (which did not end very well) I realized how important is to be supported and held by someone who knows births and postpartum really well. I have often wondered what a difference it would have made to have had a doula by my side supporting me through the process, with knowledge and faith in my journey in birthing and parenting.

It is my wish to provide a warm, safe cocoon for the birthing mother and her partner where they feel supported, informed and empowered in their birthing journey and beyond. I want to help to connect with your inner strength and build up your confidence to give birth. I believe that the thoughts and feelings we have about birth are important and will affect how birth unfolds.

I have worked extensively with babies as a baby massage instructor, and I am a qualified massage therapist (fertility, prenatal, postnatal, etc.) also I do “Closing ceremonies” tot by famous South American healers and midwives. All these enhance my work as a doula, including my own experiences as a mother.

My services, where needed, could extend into postnatal care and support also.

I look forward to meeting you



Doula work / massage / ceremonies


Our first date

Our first date or interview is all about knowing each other. You will share your story, ask me questions and anything you'd like to know. And if we think we are right fit for each other, then we will take this journey together.

Fairy package

Fairy package is for parents who already have a child or few. We meet once before birth and once after. Of cause it doesn't mean less love or care. Contact me for more info.

Holding Tummy

Divine being

From our initial meeting all the way through your pregnancy and delivery, I take the time to get to know you, your concerns and your needs. I’m always available to contact by phone/email throughout and will provide everything you require to make sure your experience is as calm and positive as possible. We meet twice before baby/babies here and twice after. It includes pregnancy massage and nutritious postpartum meal.

Pregnancy and postnatal massage

Bespoke treatment, created by me. I have spent numerous hours creating it, I have done a survey and I believe I found this golden nugget for you my Shakti.  You will be pampered from head to toe. It doesn't matter how many weeks you are. you will feel loved and cared for.

Parent and Child

Massage for dads

Massage therapy is deep stress relieving, therapeutic and beneficial service that provides tangible physical benefits. The benefits vary from dad to dad, but in every case, the therapeutic benefits of my massage sessions are valuable, meaningful, relaxing, and in some cases curative! I believe that both parents should have a massage while trying/waiting and especially having a baby.

Massage for babies

Developmental baby massage is a therapeutic, preventative and curative procedure. It can help babies with sleep, wind, colic, alleviate stiff or floppy joints and delays in development.
The baby massage consists also of mobilizations, movements, and stretches. Developmental baby massage is recommended for children with special needs, a lag in infant development and learning difficulties by assisting the development of skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling and walking.

In Labour
Pile of Scarves

Couples massage class

this service is for you both. I will come to visit you and show you some awesome techniques on how to stay relaxed during pregnancy and while on birth. Together we will blend some essential oils, we will use rebozo - Mexican shawl, birthing ball, etc.

CERRADA - Closing ceremony

A Cerrada ceremony marks the closure of the cycle of conception, pregnancy, and birth and can be done any time after the mother has stopped bleeding after birth. Many mothers will book a Cerrada in the early postnatal weeks but some women will come a year or more after giving birth as they have just discovered it or it has been recommended to them…  In Mexico, where the ceremony originates, the purpose is to honuor the new mother’s hard work of carrying her baby, the intense process of labour and birth and the bringing forth of new life. It is a celebration of her wonderful body and her journey into becoming a mother, whether for the first time or each time she gives birth, it is also  welcoming her into the community as a mother.


Placenta services

I make placenta pills, tinctures, essences and smoothies. Also we do bespoke placenta prints. they are made by an artist and are unique and individual to you and your baby. no print is the same as no placenta is the same. for more information please contact me personally

Baby holding parent pinky finger

I believe in my body and baby because I am birthing goddess.



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Baby holding parent pinky finger